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pnb: ny tour reviews – the list groweth

Körbes, Bold, and Rausch in 3 Movements at PNB
(Angela Sterling photo)

PNB will likely post links, but their web person is halftime so it might not be right away. Here’s Alastair Macaulay’s revew from the New York Times. Others to come, I’m sure. I’ll post them below on this same entry as I find’em. – Rosie

Here’s a well-written review from Oberon’s Grove.  The author mentions that the PNB shows are sold out. And he posted the lovely picture at left, which is one I hadn’t seen in Seattle.

PS: I just saw that PNB is posting links on their Facebook page.

More coming in…this one from Apollinaire Scherr, appearing in the Financial Times.   

And one from
  Lisa Jo Sagolla at Backstage.

And a nice long list just came from PNB. Here it is, sans the duplicates above:

“A Homecoming of Sorts”
Preview by Susan Reiter, New York Press
[This is more of a preview than a review – Rosie]
“Refreshing ballet turn at the Joyce”
Review by Elizabeth Zimmer, Metro
“Pacific Northwest Ballet Presents a New Face to New York”
Review by Tobi Tobias, Arts Journal
“Pacific Northwest Ballet Makes its Joyce Debut (and Marco Goecke steals the show IMO)”
Review on Swan Lake Samba Girl (blog)