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ww: 3 seasons at otb—a review to come—here are some

By Rosie Gaynor
Whim W’HIM’s 3 Seasons 
(photo by La Vie Photography)

Oh, my, what a show last night!  Whim W’Him certainly lived up to all the hype. Choreography and dancers alike showed something new about life and humanity…and about Vivaldi’s music, which I now love again, thank you very much.  The eco-theme avoided being preachy…it hit just the right note. The “adaptability” twist of adding Au Yong’s music worked in weird and mysterious ways. Tears, chills, laughs…and beauty—plus a champagne party open to the public in the Sitting Room after the show. (No post-show party sponsored by OtB tonight, but look for Reading Contemporary Dance folks.)

My full review is still to come, but in the meantime, here are the reviews I’ve seen out there so far:

  • Michael Upchurch has an evocative review in today’s Seattle Times.

Gorgeous pix up on Victoria Farr Brown’s Whim W’Him blog. This links to a posting on Lucien Postlewaite; check out postings on the other dancers in the archives, as there are rehearsal shots there…some very cool, that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

PS on Sunday night: I just saw that La Vie photography has a Very Large Array of evocative Whim W’Him photos posted. Click here: have fun.