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ww: on the boards audio interview—and more!

By Rosie Gaynor
Prepping for an interview this afternoon with the stylish Olivier Wevers, I remembered that On the Boards posted an audio interview with him.  It turns out to be a good listen: not too long, but it gives a good sense of what Wevers is hoping to accomplish with his new Whim W’Him company. Here’s the link…Just click on one of the little blue boxes toward the bottom.

And Vala Dancewear has a four-part interview with Wevers. It’s also good…it doesn’t stay in the fluff but gets down into real content, real issues as the interview progresses. Definitely worth a read! Here’s the link. Plus, they’ve got almost a full set of those gorgeous Whim W’Him photos to go with the copy. Nice!

And for those of you who want to practice your français, Wevers was interviewed for Les Belges du Bout du Monde (La Première radio channel). Here’s the link to that podcast…click on 20/12/2009. Hang in there past the several verses of Stardust… It’s not a super deep interview, but it’s fun to hear about dance in French.