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ww: this new company finally makes its debut on friday

By Rosie Gaynor

I can’t wait to see how Whim W’Him’s choreography and dancers mesh with production values (costumes, music, lighting, props). There’s not long to wait though: they open this Friday at On the Boards. It’s a one-weekend rep and tickets, as you can see from Jean Lenihan’s blog below, are selling fast. If you’re going on Sunday, sign up for KUOW’s Front Row Center program.

Previews and interviews are popping up. Like this one, with Wevers last week at OtB.

There’s a meaty article by Michael Upchurch in the Seattle Times lays out the basics for those who haven’t heard about Whim W’Him yet. Then it gets into interesting, nitty-gritty specifics and quotes.

There are two pieces by Jean Lenihan, one on her blog Breathlesspace and one in Seattle Metropolitan preview.  Always a pleasure to read her work.

I’m guessing there will be something good from Sandi Kurtz in the Weekly. I’m looking forward to that too.

And this just added, January 12, an interview with KUOW’s Marcie Sillman
who slips in an interesting note or two about the finances of the company and the realities of running a pick-up company.

And added January 13: Sandi Kurtz’s preview in the Seattle Weekly.  Meaty commentary as always; it’ll help you understand what’s going on in the work.