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april 17: stg: nrityagram dance ensemble of india

Seattle Theatre Group (STG) presents Nrityagram Dance Ensemble of India at The Moore Theatre in Seattle on Saturday, April 17, 2010. Performing “Odissi,” a traditional temple dance from Northeast India characterized by sensuousness and lyricism. With movements that reflect the motifs of Orissa temple sculptures, “Odissi” captures drum rhythms, melodies, as well as the poetic meaning of songs taken from the vast canon of Oriya music. It speaks of love and union, between human and divine, transporting viewers to enchanted worlds.

Dating as far back as the second century BC, “Odissi” is one of the oldest dance traditions in the world. Dancers live and study in the village of Nrityagram outside of Bangalore. Nrityagram Dance Ensemble has toured the US annually since 1996, and also performs throughout Europe and the Middle and Far East.