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gogocamel awakens!

GoGoCamel is opening its long-lashed lids after a few years’ sleep and is gearing up to walk again. This is good news.

It’s Joshua Windsor’s dance blog. Windsor writes for SeattleDances occasionally; he’s a friend who introduced me to Spectrum and to OtB’s dance programming. He has been one of my guides on my personal journey of learning to love modern dance. (Call it “contemporary,” he tells me: lesson #1.) And every post-ballet discussion is more fun with him than without him.

What I liked best about GoGoCamel’s last trek was Windsor’s dance writing, the wide variety of dance forms he covered, and the up-to-date calendar. I understand the Camel is going to GoGo with a few more bells and whistles once it unfolds its limbs and stands up. I’m looking forward to going along on the trip.