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khdp: auditions april 18

KATY HAGELIN dance project: Auditions April 18

[date correction: the auditions are April 18]

images courtesy of the KATY HAGELIN dance project

KATY HAGELIN dance project is holding auditions April 18 for a contemporary ballet called “from Phantastes.”

Performances take place in June.

The company’s full audition notice follows, verbatim.

fromPhantastes Auditions:

Our fromPhantastes Auditions are March 18th 1:00-3:00pm at Westlake Dance Center (Modern dance and Ballet -Pointe dancers bring shoes) with KATY HAGELIN dance project Company.

fromPhantastes is a full-length Contemporary Ballet based on the novel “Phantastes: a Faerie Romance” [by George MacDonald] written by Katy Hagelin. It will be performed June 17-20, 2010.


“fromPhantastes” has 28 dancers: 5 main characters (Anodos -main guy, The Gatekeeper Faerie, Marble Lady -main girl, The Knight, and The Evil Ash Tree); also The Beech Tree, The Forest/Fairy Land -9 dancers; Woodland Faeires -4 dancers; Ballroom Faeries (en pointe -8 dancers); and more…; fighters as well: sword/martial arts -taught by Kevin A. Mar (director of Washington Fencing Academy).

Rehearsal Dates:

Rehearsals start the last week of April (26th). There will be various schedules since there are so many characters/parts.
Dancers must expect to come 2x/week 8:00pm-10:00pm on certain week days (depending on casting) and also every Saturday during the day [official times TBA at audition]. Then, dancers are expected -during the month of June- to rehearse everyday since it is a full-length production (and this schedule will be TBA with at least a day break each week). KHDP will keep in mind the dancer’s given schedules (on the day of the audition) as much as can be allowed. Tech nights are June 14-16. Dress Rehearsal will be June 17. Shows are June 18-20 (4 total). Times are 6-10pm every night and 12noon-10pm on Saturday (2 shows).