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lingo: want a solo created and danced just for you? deadline is 2/14

Kevin Kauer photo

By Rosie Gaynor

Lingo’s three-month-long performance project starts March 1, but you can be a part of the action earlier…

Thirty folks, chosen from a super-short application process, will have a solo choreographed and performed for them. The whole she-bang is called Stage 1: One Performer, One Recipient, One Public Place. Sign up for LingoDance’s Twitter feed to get notification of where/when these personal solos will take place. 

Stage 2 starts up a little early too, courtesy of SAM ReMix, which has cheaper tix ($5–$10, versus the $12–$15 tix of later dates). Stage 2 is called Seattle Art Museum Sightings: Live Kinetic Sculpture Installations.

It takes place on February 26, March 18, 25, and April 1. Here’s
an excerpt of Lingo’s marketing e-mail: ‘The cast of Glimmer will be “installed” as kinetic sculptures amongst the permanent collection in the SAM galleries, framing live performance in the context of a museum. Niehoff’s interest lies in our expectations around live and static art and how intimate the connection between watcher and doer is when the performer is placed in the world of objects.’

Stage 3 is a pre-show function for Stage 4. It sounds fun…a twist on the take-the-director-for-drinks donor benefit. If I’m reading it right, this time you’re hanging out with a performer who is in character.  Here’s another excerpt from the marketing e-mail: “With a paid ticket to the final performance of A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light at ACT, participants and patrons are invited to join a character of the cast pre-show. A small group of audience members (six maximum) will join a member of the cast at a bar near ACT. From there, patrons and performers will take a Seattle spring stroll over to ACT’s Bullitt Cabaret to share in the final event of the journey.”

Stage 4: A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light (April 22- May 15). More excerpts:

“Commissioned by ACT’s Central Heating Lab, this is the culmination dance-performance event based on the experiences influenced by the preceding solo performances, SAM Sightings, and pre-function connections. Situated in the labyrinthine chambers of ACT’s Bullitt Cabaret space, A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light mines one of Seattle’s finest art venues for its history as a creative container and its fertility for hosting more. Niehoff and her expanded posse of vibrant performers (including live music from Ivory in Ice World and original score by Scott Colburn) begin with the premise that every interaction holds untapped potential, then sculpt uncommon encounters, moody collisions, raucous spectacle and virtuoso dancing – asking for more resonant connection and embracing the success or failure that ensues.”