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new dance blog!

By Rosie Gaynor

There’s a new dance blog in town, one devoted to widening the scope of who and what gets reviewed, so that it’s not always the “darlings” getting the accolades, not always the same writers making pronouncements about the art. I think that’s a great idea.

The name—Not That Bitch!!!—is a turn off for me, but I love the idea of more dance companies getting more coverage. There’s a link at the left.

The funny thing about dance writers is that most of us do it for the same reason people dance: because we love dance. And we love it in the same way a dancer loves it: some love classical, some love modern, others thrill to the vast variety of forms. And we do our “work” in the same way a dancer does: from the heart. Pay is not a living wage; nowadays it’s often assumed you’ll write for free. I dream of the day SeattleDances can pay its writers (including me!).