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pnb: sar moves on

Sokvannara Sar (photo by Angela
Sterling, courtesy of PNB)

By Rosie Gaynor

It’s true. Sar is gone. The absence of his headshot in PNB’s “Sleeping Beauty” program was no graphic designer error, as I’d hoped. I had confirmation this afternoon from PNB’s PR Manager that Sar has resigned from the company. Our loss!

The word is that he is going to be in a feature film. If I hear more, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, the comments section is open if you want to share your favorite things about this energetic dancer.

Thanks to “Anonymous” for letting SeattleDances know Sar had been left out of the program. Sad as it is to lose him from the Seattle dance scene, it would have been sadder still to let him go without comment!