pnb: sneak peek at 2010–2011 season

 Ariana Lallone in Lambarena (Angela Sterling photo)

By Rosie Gaynor

It’s hard to think about 2010–2011, with still so much good stuff in store for us this season. (“Sleeping Beauty” starts on Thursday; then “3 by Dove,” then the Balanchine program I can’t wait for, with its “Serenade” and “4 Temperaments” and “Square Dance,” and then “Coppélia.” Plus Choreographers’ Showcase on April 21…and their Season Encore on June 13.)

But the marketing machine marches on. Here’s what what PNB has on their website. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

“• The PNB premiere of Jiri Kylian’s “Six Dances” and the return of this season’s smash hit, “Petite Mort.”
• An all Twyla Tharp retrospective.
• The long-anticipated revival of Kent Stowell’s full-length “Cinderella.”
• World and PNB premieres.
• Subscriber favorites, “Lambarena” and “Jardí Tancat.”
• A new-to-PNB Jerome Robbins work, “Glass Pieces,” with music by Philip Glass.”

If you’re already a season subscriber,
they’ve a deal for you: subscribe by March 27 and you pay this season’s prices, rather than next season’s prices.

(Not a subscriber this season? You can still subscribe to their “mini season.”)


  1. I just got back from a beatiful Sleeping Beauty at PNB. I noticed that Sy Sar’s photo/name was omitted from the program (there are 2 places it could have appeared, and it wasn’t there in either spot). I asked a woman at the PNB desk in the foyer about it, and she clammed right up. What has happened?? Does anyone know? I’m upset.

  2. Without knowing anything about today’s performance (i.e., I shouldn’t be writing this), I’d guess that there was a substitution…as in maybe someone got injured and Sar stepped in?

    I wish they’d make an announcement, though. PNB seems to do that only with principal roles. I think that whether the part is small or large, we ought to be able to hear of substitutions. Dancers aren’t interchangeable units; they’re artists. Plus, we can feel bad for those who are injured and doubly grateful to those who are saving the show.

    If nobody chimes in with a more informed answer, I’ll check with PNB next week and write again.

    It was a beautiful Sleeping Beauty. I agree!

    ps: Are you a Sar fan? Did you see his Mopey? I’ve a review of it…in the November archives.

  3. I’m a Sar fan and very regrettably missed his Mopey. Enjoyed reading your post about it. But what I’m getting at is that today, right where Sar’s picture/info should be under Corps de Ballet in the Encore printed program, it isn’t there. And on the main “masthead” at the front of the program where they list all the dancers, his name isn’t there. Has something happened??!!

  4. OMG, you’re right! I’ll call and ask.

    It might just be the way the program designer has the columns set up in InDesign. Sometimes you get this weird domino effect when you’re working in columns in that program. Maybe when they added Ryan Cardea to the apprentices (congrats!), Sar’s photo slipped under Josh Spell’s or Carli Samuelson’s.

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