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spectrum: farewell – review round-up

Spectrum: Farewell—Review Round-Up

Reviews are starting to come in for Spectrum’s recent performances at the Moore. Check back: I’ll add more as I see’em. Cheers – Rosie

Note added 2/24: Sweet! Spectrum Dance Theater gets a marketing/development staff person, and the rest of us get easy access to lots of gorgeous photos (posted in SeattleDances’ review) and a tidy list of reviews. It totally blows my scrappy list out of the water. Here they are, from Spectrum:

Kim Colaprete & Chavi Hohm, Seattle Dances, 2/19/2010
spectrum: farewell—a review

Jeremy Barker, The SunBreak, 2/19/2010
Spectrum Gives Us Dance About the Neoliberal World Order

Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times, 2/19/2010
Spectrum’s ‘China’ is sound and fury — too much so

Timothy C., Teen Tix Blog, 2/19/2010
shorty review

Denise Opper, Vala Dancewear Blog, 2/21/2010
Spectrum Dance Theater’s “FAREWELL”

Marcie Sillman, Artdish, 2/23/2010
Farewell, by Donald Byrd

Kaya P., Teen Tix Blog, 2/23/2010
No Pre-Studying Necessary

Mary Murfin Bayley, City Arts Magazine blog, 2/23/2010
A Review of Donald Byrd’s “Farewell”


Sandra Kurtz, Seattle Weekly, 2/10/2010
Spectrum Dance Theater

Roxanne Ray, The International Examiner, 2/13/2010
Spectrum Dance

Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times, 2/13/2010
Spectrum’s latest show contemplates geopolitics and up-close, high-energy dance

Florangela Davila, KPLU’s Artscape, 2/14/2010
Spectrum Dance Theater is Big, Fast, Intense

Leslie Holleran, Seattle Dances, 2/16/2010
spectrum: farewell – a dramaturgical preview

Jeremy Barker, The SunBreak, 2/17/2010
Spectrum’s Donald Byrd Takes on the Complex Legacy of U.S.-China Relations

Terra Leigh Bell, Seattle Dances, 2/18/2010
spectrum: farewell – a preview – byrd and bell on movement

Heidi Broadhead, PubliCola, 2/18/2010
A Subjective, Dreamlike Meditation on History