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boost: 3/27–28

“Seattle, WA: Local entrepreneur and artist, Marlo Martin, is on a mission to open doors for
northwest choreographers and performers. She will produce BOOST, a new dance festival, which will
debut at the Erickson Theatre in Seattle on March 27-28, 2010. The BOOST dance festival is now
accepting applications. The application deadline is January 23, 2010. Six choreographers will be
chosen to present their work in this diverse and innovative concert. Choreographers will also receive
free rehearsal space, as well as full production and promotional work which will ensure the northwest
dance community recognizes their efforts, creativity, and fervor and is properly notified of this new
dance festival. The six artists selected will be announced January 30. Applicants can find the forms
online at or by calling eXit SPACE at 206-949-8643.

BOOST is a dance festival meant to create an opportunity for Seattle contemporary dance artists of
all genres to showcase their work alongside their peers. The hundreds of artists that call the
northwest home compete each year to be showcased in a handful of festivals; the competition is
tough, leaving many eligible and talented artists to self-produce at a high financial cost. Marlo Martin,
of eXit SPACE school of dance, understands the struggle of the artists. Ms. Martin has been a
director, performer, teacher, and choreographer in the northwest for the past seven years and is now
stepping into the role of producer. Martin shares, “I have a deep sense of obligation to step forward
and produce. I have had so many artists help me along my path and now I can begin to give back. I
look forward to introducing a diverse set of dance works to a Seattle audience.”

In addition to producing Marlo has also been in collaboration with Northwest Dance Syndrome, a long standing professional modern company. NWDS will present their work, choreographed by Martin at the BOOST dance festival, “I hope that by showing a successful collaboration we can begin to work with one another in the dance community; new faces and partnerships lead to fresh ideas!”

Ms. Martin’s career has taken her across the country as a performer and choreographer. Since
making Seattle home seven years ago she has become a part of the dance community as a dancer,
director, choreographer, and teacher. Ms. Martin is committed to providing a professional,
supportive, diverse, and inspiring festival open to applicants of all backgrounds. For the past five
years choreographers and directors in the northwest community have been sharing their stories with
artistic director Marlo Martin. These stories are rich with a dedication to present meaningful and
entertaining works of dance to Seattle audiences. These artists struggle to raise enough funds to selfproduce and are limited by the few professional festivals offered to the dance community in Seattle.

With an abundance of companies and choreographers, the competition is tough—many new, fresh,
and talented artists have not been seen by large audiences. BOOST will give these artists a chance
to perform alongside the northwest’s best. BOOST aims to assist choreographers and directors in the
promotion and development of their work.