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lelavision: background and foreground

Photo courtesy of Lelavision

Here are two recent, interesting articles about Lelavision. Have you seen this musico-scientifico-dancing duo? If so, please comment! I have not yet seen them, but I mean to. Their stuff (what else are you going to call their instrumental apparatus) looks so cool, and from what I can gather, their  playing on it actually plays it. – Rosie

The News Tribune…some background
“Spinning, the two velveted acrobats twist up and around a spiraled metal ladder. As they arch upside down, they cradle huge metal spheres, banging them onto harplike strings beneath them as they circle. The music is ethereal, the vision mesmerizing…”


City Arts Magazine—Tacoma…looking into the future
“This month, sculptor and musician Ela Lamblin and choreographer Leah Mann, who together make up the Vashon-based performing arts duo known as Lelavision, will begin construction on a new project, assisted by the Hot Shop crew at the Museum of Glass….”