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what have you seen so far?


There’s so much going on this week! 
What have you seen so far? 
Please comment in the comment section. 
Rachel Foster in Suspension of Disbelief (Angela Sterling photo)

new PNB pix • brief PNB notes

Lucien Postlewaite in Serious Pleasures (Angela Sterling photo)

James Moore and Lesley Rausch in Serious Pleasures (Angela Sterling photo)

Jordan Pacitti and James Moore in Serious Pleasures (Angela Sterling photo)

Lindsi Dec in Serious Pleasures (Angela Sterling photo)


I’ve had a fun week so far: interviewing Parrish Maynard at PNB, watching dress rehearsal there, and sitting through a great opening night! 

Quijada’s piece is different…starting with an altered score…still fabulous. 

Red Angels‘ movement was lovely, but the music lacked attack. What the heck?

Vespers…ah, Vespers! The score is just percussion: the movement provides the melody…and an almost audible script. Foster and Nakamura were stand-out amazing. 

And Serious Pleasures? Well, go see it! (So sad, Carla Körbes and Batkhurel Bold did not dance tonight. They were replaced by Sara and Seth Orza, who did a fab job.)

A full review on 3 by Dove is coming next week (by Marcie Sillman! Hurray! By the way, you can hear Marcie on Friday night in the post-show discussion with Peter Boal. If you don’t have tix yet, check out KUOW’s Front Row Center program…there’s a discount.).  —Rosie