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butoh in seattle: improv show on May 22

Danse Perdue & other co’s at Psychomachia

May 22
Danse Perdue in Attitudes Passionnelles (Briana Jones photo)
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You gotta be quick (in both senses of the word: fast & alive) to catch what, for the sake of convenience (and my ignorance!) I’ll call butoh, in Seattle. These shows spring up suddenly as though inspired by an flood of creativity. Have I seen one? Well, you know I’m a cheery bunhead, so you can guess that I haven’t. BUT…how amazing is it that there’s this underground, Styxian movement right here in Seattle. (Maybe everyone knows about it? I’m just finding out about it now…)
I have met one of the dancers, though. There, I thought to myself as we finished chatting, goes someone really cool who also happens to be pursuing her art, body and soul. That’s what will draw me to one of her shows eventually. It’s possible that, like death, butoh is inevitable—at least for those interested in dance. Sooner or later, even a bunhead needs to explore the outer (inner?) limits of dance. You who are more adventurous: don’t wait. Go now!
My only knowledge of butoh (etc.) is what I’ve seen on the web. The wikipedia entry has a photo of dancers whom I believe are from Danse Perdue. The entry is pretty interesting.

The groups performing (listed below) are not, I think, all dance groups. Danse Perdue is, though…

The word is, from Alex Ruhe and Ankoku Okojo of Danse Perdue, that there’s an “eclectic show at Psychomachia on Saturday, 5/22.  We’ll dance an improv set, not a set piece for that: The styles are all over the place, but I think it’s going to be great.”

Here’s links to the wide range of styles…some of these are MySpace pages, some websites:
Sioux City Pete & The Beggars
Dar Sirena
Sebastian Sheldon
Caligula Cartel, Danse Perdue & Joy Von Spain

Sat. 5/22, 8 pm
Teatro de la Psychomachia
1534 1st Ave. S, Seattle WA

“There will be a short show for Arts Launch at the TK building on first Thursday, June 3, starts about 7. Sheri brown and Alan Sutherland will also be doing something … and I think 4-6 other acts.”

More pix of Attitudes Passionnelles, showing Danse Perdue (photos by Briana Jones)