seattle dances: may shows around town

Seattle’s Dancin’ in May
May Calendar: Here’s what’s on… 
Coming to the Paramount Theatre: Mark Morris Dance Group’s Jesu, Meine Freude (Nan Melville photo)

Did I leave out a dance show you know about? Please add it into the comments section. Thanks so much! —Rosie

through May 1
Amelia Reeber’s this is a forgery
Erickson Theater Off Broadway

through May 15
Lingo’s A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light
ACT Theatre

through May 1
Cornish College’s Spring 2010 Concert
(works by Corrie Befort, Steve Casteel, Nancy Cranbourne, Timothy Lynch and Wade Madsen)
Broadway Performance Hall

May 1–9
(Zoe Scofield & Rainbow Fletcher choreography)
Spectrum Dance Theater

May 7–9
Kaleidoscope in Concert
Broadway Performance Hall

May 14–15
Locust’s crushed
Velocity Dance Center

May 20–23
Scott/Powell’s HOME
Erickson Theater

Mark Morris Dance Group’s Jesu, Meine Freude (Nan Melville photo)

May 21–23
Mark Morris Dance Group
The Paramount Theatre

May 27–28
acornDance’s Edge—plus a new, 4-man piece from Roel Hammerschlag
Velocity Dance Center


  1. May 20-23
    MFA Concert
    Meany Studio Theater

    May 21-22
    Full Tilt 2010
    Velocity Dance Center

    May 21-23
    Catherine Cabeen and Company
    Seattle Changing Room, 1735 Westlake N.

  2. Oops! And here’s one I knew about but it slipped off my desk somehow:

    STG’s 2nd annual Young Choreographers Lab—Project Showing!

    May 8, 2010 2-3 pm
    Fremont Abbey Arts Center

    Young Choreographers: Alyssa Johnson, Carissa Landes, Anika Martynowych, Emilee Putsche

    Mentors: Amy O’Neal and Mark Haim

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