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pnb: director’s choice – new pix

Update on September 25 pm: Ooh, ooh, ooh! Did you see the pix on the P-I’s site? This link starts mid-way through at one of my favorite images: Ezra Thomson and Carrie Imler. How hilarious are they? Lots of favorites here…can’t just choose one 🙂
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it’s only worth 1/1,000th of a ballet—even beautiful pictures like these, from Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Director’s Choice, which opened last night with four ballets.

 Lucien Postlewaite and Rachel Foster in Jiří Kylián’s Petite Mort
(Angela Sterling photo)
Postlewaite and Foster are but one of six fabulous couples in this gold and black, swords and ballgowns ballet that was a hit last year at PNB. How exquisite is Foster’s line here? Oh my goodness! The picture I really wanted, though, is of Lesley Rausch’s back finding the luxuriousness of the music during one of her moments with Jérôme Tisserand. And, while we’re talking about desires: Karel Cruz’s hands supporting Lindsi Dec as he leans her back…such a feeling of tender enfolding! Gorgeous! And, Chalnessa Eames was on fire. (What a night for her.! The only piece she wasn’t in last night (opening, September 24) was Jardí Tancat. And why she wasn’t in that is a bit of a mystery, as it seems like it would suit her beautifully.) But really, each couple had some moment of startling beauty.

There are videos on PNB’s site togive you a sense of the piece, but it can’t compare with seeing it in person: the rolling thunder (of war?) as the curtain rises, the calm tension (is that even possible?) of the as the men walk backwards, swords balanced on their fingertips… Can’t wait to go back at 2pm today!
More to come, later, but here are a few more pix in the meantime.  —Rosie


 Carrie Imler (center) with William Lin-Yee and Andrew Bartee 
in Jiří Kylián’s Sechs Tänze (Six Dances)
(Angela Sterling photo)
Ooh, ooh—The men are in wigs and so, for once, it’s like Swan Lake cygnets for men…you can’t tell who is who; they all look the same. I kept trying to figure out who Andrew Bartee was: Who is that elegant dancer? Talk about growth! In one year he has gotten his looseness under control and, well, what is not possible for him now?
 Ariana Lallone in Nacho Duato’s Jardí Tancat
(Angela Sterling photo) 
Carla Körbes and Batkhurel Bold in Jerome Robbins’ Glass Pieces
(Angela Sterling photo) 
This picture, gorgeous though it is, does not do justice to this second movement of Glass Pieces. But, more on that later. Except, let me just squeeze this one comment in: Körbes was everything we have come to expect from her, but Bold? I associate him with strength, jumps, partnering…  This particular role isn’t entirely about those things, and boy, he still shone!. Such beauty of line! There are two (several?) points where these two just stand, shoulders slightly forward, arms rounded. I could have watched them stand like that for hours. 
So much to say about this piece! It wasn’t nearly long enough…and I’m guessing that’s the first time anyone has ever said that about a work by P. Glass!