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seattledances returns


Actually, what would be much more interesting is to see and hear what dancers and dance companies did this summer. If that’s you, send a post & pix to Or make a note in the Comments section below.

And me? I had the pleasure of sitting in on two days of Strictly Seattle…watching Michelle Miller, Amy O’Neal, Beth Graczyk and Corrie Befort, KT Niehoff, and Amanda Reeber work with some talented students. In a nutshell? These choreographers blew me away with their ability to articulate (verbally and physically) and teach. The dancers seemed to know little hesitation, especially when it came to the exposed improv sections of class. I pretty much missed every other dance opportunity, although I did take my first Zumba class and I watched a lot of YouTube videos of our folks on tour. While I did not start the search for a donor base to support SeattleDances, I did create a preliminary 2010 and 2011 budget. And even though SeattleDances was on vacation, it still got 4,000+ hits. What’s in store for SeattleDances? Stay tuned…  – Rosie