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A Letter From the Editor

Greetings Seattle dancers and dance enthusiasts!

First off, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome I have already received here at SeattleDances. When Rosie contacted me about becoming the interim editor, I was so thrilled at the prospect of connecting with such amazing dancers, writers, and supporters of the arts.

SeattleDances is a great location for information on upcoming events, reviews of recent work, and up-to-date Seattle dance news. As interim editor, I hope to continue this tradition and hopefully help to increase awareness of the site in our dance community.

The divide between Seattle companies, dance schools, and idioms is, sadly, quite wide. Performers who take class and rehearse at one studio, may not even know about upcoming shows being put on at other venues. Faithful viewers of PNB or the like, might not know about some of the smaller ballet-based companies in town. I hope to make SeattleDances a place where dancers and dance lovers can come to learn about events that might be just a bit out of their comfort zone; where they can learn to appreciate new styles of movement; and where companies can represent themselves and hopefully build their audience base.

This site is, and always will be, Rosie’s brain-child. Her passion to create a place where conversations on dance can happen is central to SeattleDances. Together, she and I will work to gain exposure for the site and hopefully make it a place where everyone involved in dance will go on a weekly basis to gather information and discuss our amazing local dance scene.

As we move forward into this new chapter for SeattleDances, please feel free to express what you love about the site. Feedback is always welcome!

Thank you again for loving dance!

Kristen Legg