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The Cabiri’s Devil in the Deep Blue Sea is a must-see!

Written by Kristen Legg
The Cabiri presented The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea this weekend at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle.  As the audience enters the space, all are suddenly plunged into the depths of the ocean.  With beautiful coral reef structures, old fishing nets strewn across large rocks, and high-tech lighting that creates a ripple of water throughout the room, the company’s attention to detail is quite apparent.  

What was most noticeable in the evening’s performance was that The Cabiri is moving toward a more performance-based aesthetic.  Choreography is becoming more intricate; performers are being asked to push the boundaries of movement, strength, and grace; and the overall atmosphere at the performances is taking on a more professional appearance.  The company members over the last few years have become not only amazing aerialist, but also trained dancers and performers.  This will only lend itself to more and more theatrically engaging performance.

Devil in the Deep Blue Sea can be seen through October 30, 2010 at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.  Tickets are limited, but still available.  Purchase tickets ahead of time at  While expensive ($30-70 per ticket), this performance is well worth the cost. Note: Due to the audience participation (as well as the death and destruction in each piece) this show is not for young viewers.  Those under 16 years will not be admitted.
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