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Seattle Artists Create Powerful Dance Film to Mark One Year Anniversary of BP’s Gulf Oil Explosion

Submitted by Breathing Media

Seattle production company Breathing Media has officially released YOU ARE HERE, a short silent dance film inspired by the Gulf oil disaster in 2010. The film’s release coincides with the one-year anniversary of Deepwater Horizon’s offshore oil explosion. The filmmakers’ chief mission in releasing the film is to bring public focus back to this catastrophic event and give concerned people a new tool for keeping the national conversation about climate change alive.

Produced entirely through social media-driven crowdfunding on, the film is a passionate and violent love story that humanizes the environmental consequences of our oil-based economy. YOU ARE HERE is political performance version 2.0, a film produced by a group of complete strangers to ask the world what we’ve learned from this disaster.

The film, just under 8 minutes long, features a rarely-seen fusion of aerial acrobatics, ballroom dance, and modern choreography, performed by choreographer Naomi Hummel and Seattle dancer Ryan Barret. Together they personify humankind’s curiosity, exploration, and eventual corruption of the Earth’s oceans. Their dance performance is set to heart-pounding music by acclaimed experimental cellist Zoe Keating.

Available to view now: