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A Formal Apology

SeattleDances would like to formally apologize to Jake Groshong, Executive Director of Balagan Theatre, for our less-than-informed post on the future of the Erickson Theater.

On our recently removed facebook page, Mr. Groshong wrote:

“Hi Everyone, I’m the Executive Director of Balagan Theatre and just wanted to let you all know we’re in no way taking away anything from the Seattle arts or dance community. In fact, we’re hoping to offer even greater opportunity, accountability and experience to all of you. We’ll be using it for our own productions maybe 4 months out of the entire year and will continue to rent the facility to dance community while adding a real box office, bar, gallery, and greater technical support. Please let everyone in the community know we’re here to help and not take anything away from the great work you all do.”

While we do still support Broadway Management Group, and hope them the best in their future with the Erickson Theater, it is great to hear that such a wonderful venue is not being lost in this transition. Thank you, Mr. Groshong for your information and your support of dance in Seattle.