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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Holiday Gift Ideas for That Special Dance Lover

The holidays are here and that means presents! SeattleDances wishes to offer a few suggestions on what to buy and what to steer clear of this holiday season.

The Good:

2012 Breaking Bounds Calendar

Lois Greenfield has been producing wall calendars since the 1990s. Her photographs capture dancers mid-air, defying gravity all month long.

A Bag Full o’ Tennis Balls

If a professional massage is out of the Secret Santa price range, consider tennis balls. A good roll on one of these firm orbs can keep a dancer pain-free for hours.

Paloma Herrera’s New DVD

Paloma Herrera: Here and Now is an insightful and entertaining program that shows different aspects of the personal life and career of the ABT Prima Ballerina. The film includes interviews with her in New York and Buenos Aires, the testimony of her teachers, and clips of her dancing in rehearsal and in performance.

Warm-up Boots

Cold feet need love too.

The Bad:

Inaccurate Dance Fashion Items

While pointe shoe socks are super cool, make sure you get ones that lace-up correctly.

Portable Changing Room

Actually, this is pretty awesome. What dancer doesn’t need a spontaneous costume change?

Cheesy 80s Work-out Video

Nothing says you’re out of shape and out of style like an 80s work-out video.

The Ugly:

Medieval Torture Devices

Many of these apparatuses are in fact said to work wonders for flexibility. But, yikes!

Christmas Ornament Ballerinas with Their Standing Leg in Parallel

Enough said.