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Preview: Full Tilt 2012

Written by Victoria McConnell

Marlo Martin’s choreography in Full Tilt 2011
Photo by Joseph Lambert
Opportunity, community, and new works have often intersected in exciting ways in Evoke Productions’ Full Tilt and this year is no different. Presented May 18–19, 2012, at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm in Velocity Founders Theater, Full Tilt 2012 features works by Ellie Sandstrom, Iyun Ashani Harrison, Tom Trimble, collaborators Rachel Grant and Annie McGhee, and Deborah Wolf.

Necessity is the mother of invention, according to the old proverb, and founders Fumi Murakami and Kelly Smith have proven it true with Full Tilt. In 2006, Murakami and Smith saw a lack of performance opportunities for dancers and choreographers in the greater Seattle area. They combined their resources and energies rather than “waiting for things to happen,” and Murakami explains, “we needed to create such opportunities.” With this impetus the two reached out to choreographers, auditioned dancers, self-produced performance, and set the tone for shared leadership in a community-oriented event.

True to Evoke Productions mission, Full Tilt has enabled many choreographers to connect, as well as generated collaborations between creators and dancers. “It is our hope that we truly build a dance community,” Murakami said.

Focused on introducing audiences to new works by local dance makers, Full Tilt highlights both newer and established choreographers. In keeping with the mission of Evoke Productions, Full Tilt 2012 presents an array of artists and many premiere work at this performance. Well-known in the Seattle dance community and throughout the United States, Wolf presents new work featuring a cast of seven dancers accompanied by cello in overlapping duets and trios. After their collaborative “kick-off” in a previous Full Tilt, Grant and McGhee premier Sanctuary, a new product of their collaborative partnership. Returning from a choreographic hiatus, Trimble also presents a new work, called Geppetto’s Daughter. Harrison, director of the recently founded company ASHANI Dances, presents For Those We Have Lost. Also well-known in the Seattlearea, Ellie Sandstrom will premier Bound with sound by musician Chad Beieler. Individually these six choreographers wield formidable artistry, experience, and skill, but combined into one show, the performance promises to be distinctive and powerful.

Tickets are available for purchase now for Full Tilt 2012 online at $12 student/seniors, $15 general and $15/18 at the door. More information about Evoke Productions can be found at