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Weekend Preview

Kate Wallich and Erica Badgeley in BOOST 2012
Photo by Joseph Lambert

BOOST dance festival
March 21–24, 8:00 PM, Erickson Theater

Now in its fourth year, the BOOST dance festival, has become a well known staple of the Seattlescene. With just three performances this year, the festival presents three evenings of performances boasting nine choreographers and forty eight dancers. Selected by a panel of diversely experienced artists, this year’s choreographers are Elia Mrak, Anna Conner, Maya Soto, Michele Miller, Alana O Rogers, Sarah Kathryn Olds, MaryAnn McGovern, Kristen Legg, and Marlo Martin. Tickets are available here.
Project 6

March 22–30, 8:00 PM, The Falls Theater

Seattle Dance Project presents Project 6 featuring an evening of works by Seattlebased choreographer Jason Ohlberg. Spanning over fifteen years of work, Project 6 presents Ohlberg’s, Gloria, and a re-imagined encore performance of last year’s Departure from 5th. The program weaves lush movement against emotional landscapes of musical and human entanglement. Gloria is a celebration of life, dance and spirit centered around Vivaldi’s master choral work of the same name. Departure From 5th is an original work that Ohlberg created for Seattle Dance Project last season. Powerfully balanced between poignant observations and humorous confessions, Departure is a rare and fascinating look into the soul of the dancer. For tickets and more information, visit the Seattle Dance Project website at, or the ACT Theatre website at

Seattle Dance Project in Jason Ohlberg’s Departure from 5th 
Photo by Zebravisual, 2012
PNB: Modern Masterpieces

March 15–24, McCaw Hall

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s March mixed-bill, delivers repertory giants, and a world premiere. Read the SeattleDances review here. Artistic Director Peter Boal’s desire to curate new choreographic collections paved the way for works by Ulysses Dove and Twyla Tharp to enter PNB’s repertory. This program features Dove’s ode to love and loss, Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven, as well as Tharp’s exuberant and aerobic, In the Upper Room. Also on the bill is Concerto Barocco, George Balanchine’s testament to the mathematical beauty of Bach and the world premiere of Mozart Pieces, by PNB’s own Paul Gibson. Tickets are available here.

Coming Up Next

Lingo Productions: Viewfinder

March 28–30, Suyama Peterson Deguchi,

2324 2nd Ave

Viewfinder is an on-going performance installation where the audience can drop by and depart as they wish. Niehoff and her dancers are collaborating with photographer Hayley Young to create an environment of continuous sound and movement surrounded by cameras, where the audience can stand behind the lens and capture images of their choosing. Viewfinder is a part of Lingo’s yearlong Collision Theory project which will culminate in April at On the Boards.