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City Arts sudden folding this past November was a huge blow to arts coverage in this city. Seattle Times, Stranger, Seattle Weekly, and others have scaled back their arts coverage and critical dance writing especially.

SeattleDances is the only source consistently covering dance, especially small and independent dance, in the area.

Seattle is one of the most active dance scenes in the country, and a place where significant contributions to the field are being made. We believe that part of a healthy arts ecology is arts journalism. News, reflection, analysis, publicity, discourse, scholarship, accountability, and communication are all ways that journalism serves the arts community. Especially with a form that can be as ephemeral as dance, it also serves as a public record, and as a way to communicate what is happening in Seattle to people anywhere in the world.

Right now, SeattleDances is unsustainable. 

SeattleDances has been volunteer-run on a shoe-string budget for the last decade. It’s a labor of love that makes all of its resources free and available to the public: workshops, articles, calendar, audition and job call board. Going to a show and writing about it can easily take a writer eight hours including transportation, watching the show, writing time and editing time, and that doesn’t include back-end administrator time like making calendar entries, coordinating assignments and tickets, getting photos, posting articles to the site, and sharing on social media.

If 100 donors give an average of $4 a month, we can sustain dance coverage in this city. ­

Did SeattleDances write about your show? Post your audition? Share your fundraising campaign on social media? Did you find out what shows are going on this month by using our calendar? Please consider investing $2 or $4 or $10 a month to make these resources available to our community.

100 monthly subscribers is our goal.

We are a niche publication, but we are mighty, with 50k views per year from around the globe. If you’re unable to contribute funds, but would like to help, please consider sharing with your friends on the social platform of your choice. It really helps us get the word out.

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With love, Kaitlin and Megan