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SeattleDances is seeking a regular columnist who is knowledgeable in one or more dance forms not derived from a European lineage. The regularity of the column is negotiable (once a month to every three months) and can range in form, but primarily looking for essays, reviews, and reflections related to dance happening in the Puget Sound region.

SeattleDances recognizes that much of the dance education and academia in the U.S. is rooted in European-derived dance forms and that this does not accurately represent the reality of contemporary dance. We are looking for someone who can thoughtfully present their opinions, experiences, and analysis from a perspective informed by in-depth knowledge of a dance form outside the European lineage. Please note that while occasional essays on historical forms would be encouraged, we are looking for someone who can also relate their knowledge to local contemporary dance (of any genre) and current cultural ideas.

The ideal candidate:

-Writes at a professional level

-Is a frequent attendee/participant in local dance happenings

-Can demonstrate in-depth cultural and/or embodied knowledge of one or more dance forms

-Can generate thoughtful topics for the column on a regular basis

-Is self-motivated and good with deadlines and communication

-Is open to collaborating with an editor

-Is curious and open about the way dance and life intertwine

Pay is $50 per article, but negotiable for candidates with exceptional qualifications and writing. To apply, please submit resume or bio, statement of interest, and writing sample to Kaitlin at by August 1, 2019.