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It’s October. Which means in a normal year, SeattleDances would be contemplating all the outstanding dance we’ve seen in the last 12 months, preparing to pick our absolute favorites to honor at our annual DanceCrush celebration. But 2020 has provided opportunities to shake things up and our DanceCrush program is no exception.

This year we’re pivoting to do something a little different and we’re very excited. Instead of honoring dancers and choreographers from the last year (which would be a little unfair considering how much has been canceled or rescheduled) we’re honoring dance artists who have made significant contributions to Seattle for a decade or longer!

Introducing: DanceCrush Decade Edition!

We need your help! Who do YOU think should be honored for their contributions over the last decade or more? The ideal candidate will have lived and worked in Seattle, contributing to the Seattle performance dance scene, for at least 10 years (2011 through 2020). Preference will be given to individuals who have not received a DanceCrush award in the past.

As we turn into the 2020s, it seems a fitting time to reflect on the last 10 years, to acknowledge our history, and check in with some of our long standing artists and where they are in the present moment. Supporting artists is central to our DanceCrush program mission. Thinking about what artists need right now, this year’s DanceCrush will not be a performance, but instead a small granting program, along with, as always, our published DanceCrush profiles. As we are all forced to take a step away from business-as-usual, award funds could be used as seed money to start something new, to help sustain an artistic practice, or to help sustain the artist themselves–we see this format as a nod to the work it takes to sustain a career for 10 years or more.

To submit, simply email your nomination, along with a paragraph explaining why you think this person deserves recognition, and what you feel they’ve contributed to the Seattle dance scene. Email nominations to through November 1, 2020, 11:59pm PST.