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We need your help!

Eleven months ago, we relaunched SeattleDances, beginning a new chapter in an organization that’s been a resource to the Seattle dance scene for over a decade. With our new site we have been able to provide a platform for Puget Sound area dance artists and audiences to find performances, jobs, grants, news, and journalistic coverage of dance. 

It’s been a year of re-building—we hired Stefanie Fatooh, our communications manager, and two new writers—Kari Tai and Fox Whitney, expanding our capacity to cover Seattle area dance performances with informed dance writers. Since September we’ve published ten (!!) articles on local dance (and more are on the way). We’ve also been updating online systems to keep these resources running smoothly. 

We’re a scrappy and volunteer-run organization—we do a lot with a little. But we feel it is imperative to pay our writers and staff, and we have unavoidable web maintenance costs. Unfortunately, funding we were going to get from the state to cover these costs has fallen through. Due to a technicality with how the funding law was written and how SeattleDances is registered with the state, we were deemed ineligible for this $5,000 award. 

So, we are doing the thing that so many arts orgs must do, turning to our community for support. The good news is that just $5000 will be enough to keep us operating at our current capacity for the next year. This keeps our city-wide calendar up-to-date, pays for journalistic coverage of local dance, and keeps our Call-Board available, free for all. 

If you’ve benefited from our resources, or if you believe informed dance journalism is part of a healthy arts ecosystem, please support another year of operations. No gift is too small. And if you’re a regular user of the site, please consider making your donation monthly. Supporting SeattleDances supports dance in Seattle. 

Click HERE to donate to our end-of-year campaign!