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Imana Gunawan

Imana Gunawan, a Texas-born Indonesian, is a Seattle-based multimedia journalist and dance artist. She recently graduated cum laude with a B.A. in journalism and dance from the University of Washington, where she received the Pioneer Newsgroup Excellence in Journalism Award and the Dance Program Scholarship for recognizing the confluence of theory, practice, and creativity in dance. She has worked with the Chamber Dance Company (Seattle), GIGI Dance Company (Indonesia), Staibdance (Atlanta), Jennifer Salk, Amy O’Neal, Mary Sheldon Scott, and Rachael Lincoln, among others. Her choreography has been presented in Seattle, Jakarta, and New York. Outside of dance, her journalism focuses on international politics, underrepresented communities, and culture—which often seep into her dance work. She currently works as editor for Breaking News under NBC News Digital, podcast producer at Humanosphere, and dancer with Au Collective.