DanceCHAT is a regular event hosted by SeattleDances and in collaboration with 10degrees that offers an opportunity for the dance community of Seattle to come together to discuss IRL recent performances, issues, and topics that are of interest to people who love dance.

Next DanceCHAT: November 7, 2017 at 10 Degrees

DanceCHAT 9/26 at 10 Degrees: Facilitated by Alice Gosti

Seventeen folks joined us for a fantastic conversation and community processing touching on the topics of:
-What is dance vs. performance art, and how do these titles limit or enable us?
-How lineages, histories, education, and identity inform these distinctions, and how they function as both a promotional tool (for better or worse) and a lens through which we view the performance at hand.
-Creating accountability for organizations that desire to be inclusive.
-Acknowledgement that it is difficult to call out issues to community leaders when those same leaders are gatekeepers to opportunity and funding.
-Issues intrinsic to non-profit survival, and how capitalism creates systems that conflict with art-making.
-The complex relationship between tokenism and progress, and some of the progress we’ve seen lately with several local organizations adopting gender-neutral bathrooms.
-How to center our community around people, rather than solely organizations or locations, how do we create a healthy arts ecosystem, where one or two organizations are not expected to meet the needs of the whole community?
-How do we bridge the generational gap between artists so that we may learn from each other and extend out memory as a community? The difficulty of having class-based community when class can be less practical/realistic for older bodies.