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Call for Choreographers: Four Swans, any style

Posted on: September 7, 2023
Organizer: O-Jak Bridge Festival 2023
Event Date or Due Date: Submission deadlines and requirements:EARLY BIRD SUBMISSION – Submit a video of your choreography before October 1st, 2023, and pay only $15 application fee.LATE SUBMISSION – Submit a video of your choreography between Oct 1st and Oct 15th, 2023, and pay $25 application fee. Performance Date Dec 9th, 2023 Erickson Theater in Seattle

O-Jak Bridge Dance & Art Festival 2023 Calling for Choreographers!

The MiYoung Margolis Dance Collective (MMDC) and Adage Ballet Academy (ABA) are excited to announce that today we are launching the Choreography Competition associated with our upcoming O-Jak Bridge Festival, a multicultural art and dance event presented in early December of 2023 at the Erickson Theater in Seattle, WA.

We welcome choreographers from around the world to participate in choreographing an original version of the iconic “4 Little Swans (cygnets)” from Act 2 of Swan Lake. If selected, your work will be incorporated into a full 2 Act mixed media original version of Swan Lake.

The winner will receive a cash reward of $300 + 2 live performances at the Erickson Theater in Capitol Hill Seattle, WA on December 9th, 2023.

Re-create an alternative version of the iconic “4 Little Swans (Cygnets)” dance from Act 2 of Swan Lake. Any style of dance is eligible, and creativity is encouraged! Video submissions are required for consideration. Upon
winning, you may choose to bring your own dancers as guest artists to
our show OR re-stage your work on any of our dancers for the
performances on December 9th.

Music Requirements:
The choreographer must use the Tchaikovsky score from Swan Lake Act 2 No. 13 Dances of the Swans scene 4. Allegro Moderato which is known famously as “Dance of the Little Swans.” You may use any version of this score including any modern interpretations such as different orchestration,
tempo, style, genre etc.

Location Name: Gallery B612
Location Address: 1915 1st Ave South
For more information: Website


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