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Creative Dance Center

Posted on: March 3, 2023
Organizer: Creative Dance Center

The Creative Dance Center, a nonprofit organization, nurtures self-expression, creativity, and learning through joyful and meaningful dance experiences. Using innovative teaching methods to unite body and mind, we provide an environment where people of all ages and abilities communicate, connect, collaborate, and create using the art form of dance. Founded in 1981 by dance educator and author Anne Green Gilbert, the Creative Dance Center provides inclusive Brain-Compatible Dance Education for ages 2 months to adults/seniors (all abilities/disabilities); promotes professional learning opportunities and personal growth for adults through the Summer Dance Institute for Teachers and Educator/Community Workshops; and supports Kaleidoscope Dance Company, a modern dance company of youth ages 7-17.

Location Name: Creative Dance Center
Location Address: 12577 Densmore Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
Accessibility Info: Elevator access from parking lot at the rear of the building.
For more information: Website


Terry Goetz