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Improvisation Series – Cameo Lethem

Posted on: January 14, 2023
Organizer: Curated by Kara Beadle with eXitSPACE Dance
Event Date or Due Date: Sundays in Jan Jan 15, 22, 29

Improv series taught by Cameo Lethem:
Over the course of this workshop, we will practice improvisation techniques (inspired by forms
like Laban, Gaga, Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, and Forysthe’s Objects in Space), and we will
discover how to use them as tools for reflection, exploration, and choreographic research. When
we start, our primary focus will be on sensations, textures, and relationships that we observe
within our bodies. We’ll steadily expand our attention to the spatial and temporal relationships
that happen outside of our own bodies and between other bodies. Additionally, we’ll practice
using imagery to manipulate space and music to play with movement choices. All levels

Location Name: NOD Theater - eXitSPACE
Location Address: 1621 12TH AVE SEATTLE WA 98122
For more information: Website