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Risa Nagel

Risa Nagel (she/her) has been dancing since the age of 4, when a pediatrician recommended ballet as way to fix her pigeon-toed walk. She grew up dancing with Glen Dance Company in New York for 15 years. Risa uses writing as a medium to express her values and perspectives, she currently works as a grant writer for a statewide civil rights organization, whose mission is to revolutionize public education so that a child’s race does not predict their success. Her writing has been published in the Seattle Times and Huffington Post, and her activism has been featured in the New York Times. In 2017, a year after moving to Seattle, Risa joined 3rd Shift Dance Company, and continues to blend her passions for dancing and writing as a critic with SeattleDances.


Karin Stevens Dance presents lily[bloom in my darkness] and writer Risa Nagel reflects on historical complexities.