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Dance Undercurrent Classes

Posted on: March 13, 2023
Organizer: Dance Undercurrent
Event Date or Due Date: Low Flow Mondays 6:30-8, High Frequency Wednesdays 9:30-11:15

Undercurrent’s home is Fremont Abbey, but occasionally shifts locations. Please check website for up-to-date information and summer schedule.

Low Frequency eases into efficient fundamentals, builds muscle memory for inversions, and cultivates a floorwork flow at a downtempo pace. This class is designed for folks with some movement experience who want to gain more comfort moving low to the floor and learn tools for injury prevention. It’s also a great space for those with extensive floorwork experience to redefine old habits, ask questions, and workshop their skills with a gentle, unhurried practice. * We are thrilled to announce that Low Frequency are now be co-taught by the brilliant Alethea Alexander, alongside Undercurrent director Hilary Grumman! We are honored to have Alethea on board, excited to learn from her, and eager to reintroduce a co-led Undercurrent experience.

High Frequency is an uptempo practice for those with ample floorwork experience to play with the rigor and flow of this technique. The first half of class offers a constant stream of movement to warm the body, juice the joints, discover new pathways, and cultivate both a personal and community practice. As class progresses, the foundations grow into more complex sequences, inversions, and tricks, culminating in a choreographic phrase that incorporates the themes of each session.

Location Name: Fremont Abbey
Location Address: 4272 Fremont Ave N
For more information: Website