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Writing Positions with SeattleDances

Posted on: May 15, 2023
Organizer: SeattleDances
Event Date or Due Date: ongoing

SeattleDances hires Seattle-based freelance writers as contractors on an ongoing basis. We seek writers who can bring new perspectives to our collective team, and who are working from an informed point of view–generally an insider knowledge of dance, but experienced writers/thinkers from other artistic disciplines will be considered. Previous published works is not a prerequisite, but the candidate must be open to working in a collaborative editing process within a writer-editor relationship, and open to learning and investigation. Editing is performed through Google Docs.

While most of our articles currently lean toward a journalistic style, we are open to more artistic/impressionistic pieces as well! Additionally, writers interested in the editorial form, interviews, news articles, critical analysis, historical perspectives, scholarly articles etc. are encouraged to apply. Writers are encouraged to develop their own voice and the ideal writer is proactive in pitching articles that pique their interest. Ability to work independently, follow through on commitments, and proactive communication is a must. Most writers write on a monthly basis. Scheduling is flexible.

All new writers will complete a three-article training period in which they will work closely with the editor to establish relationship, communication, and common expectations. After the three articles both parties will have an opportunity to determine if it’s a good fit. Training period is paid per article and expected to produce three published works.

Pay per article is based on type and length, ranging from $50 (example 400 word mini piece or email Q & A)-$125 (example interview or feature article involving more extensive research). Most reviews (800-ish words) will pay $80.

SeattleDances is committed to providing an environment of encouragement, transparency, flexibility, and mutual respect.

One-off article submission:

Interested in submitting an article for publication? We also accept one-off articles, editorials, research pieces, reflections, etc. Must be relevant to dance and the Seattle area. Writer needs to be open to participating in a collaborative online editing process as described above. Please email article submission to editors(at), no need to complete application.

Application for SeattleDances Writer:




Best way to contact you:

To help us understand your background and interest, please answer the following questions, and provide a work sample of dance or performance writing that you believe exemplifies your skillset.

  1. What is your history with, relationship to, or education in dance? What forms do you have expertise in? Or, if coming from a different genre/art form, describe your background in that form.
  2. What is your relationship to the Seattle area? How long have you lived here?
  3. What unique perspectives would you bring to the SeattleDances writing team?
  4. How do you self-identify? (optional)
  5. What Seattle dance communities do you follow? What groups or artists do you admire? What about them interests you?
  6. What draws you to dance writing? Why do you think dance writing is important, and what kinds of pieces are you most interested in taking on?
  7. Please describe your journalism experience. Please include media organizations for which you have worked in the past and in what roles. Do you have published works and what is the nature of those works?

Please send completed application, along with work sample (piece representing your skillset/style, either published or not. May include several), to editors(at) with the subject “Application for Writer: First and Last Name” (with your name of course!) No formal resume required.

For more information: Website


Kaitlin McCarthy